I’m a graphic designer from Mexico City. I graduated from Visual Communication in 2014 from CENTRO in Mexico City and I’m currently pursuing an MFA in Graphic Design. I’m a strong believer in the power of visual communication to create social change through concept driven design, social engagement and real life experiences. Part of my studies have focued on my personal social and political passions, including feminism and immigration rights, through book design, an internship at the Women’s Center for Creative Work and creating the identity graphics for TedXPasadena Women.
TedxPasadena Women
The Yellow Loft
Would Inglewood
Women’s Center for Creative Work
Artez Summer Sessions (Mexico City, 2017)
Bienal de Cartel México (Mexico City, 2016)
KEA Charette (Copenhagen, 2015)
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My hopes and aspirations include collaborating with people who can teach me new ways of working, thinking and being. To use graphic design and visual communication as a tool for social change. Hopefully we can work together on making the world a better place.