Immigration Book
An atlas that explores the physical journey Mexican immigrants make and the cultural attributions of each area. Starting in Tapachula, the southern boarder city with Guatemala and home to famous Chiapaneco artisan quilts, to Veracruz which is not only know for it's amazing seafood but for being the area where most female immigrants are raped, where most people are kidnaped. Pitstop in Nayarit to enjoy the beach and the traditional Huichol art, as well as getting to know the Sinaloa drug cartel, who's activities have torn apart the Northern Mexican territory and impact immigrants more than any other marginalized group. In Tijuana we stop for traditional fish tacos before crossing the desert, where 450 human remains are found a year. Finally arriving to Los Angeles, where we can enjoy the folklore of Chicano culture with taco trucks and zarapes.

The cultural contributions of Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles come with a human cost.