An Honoring of my Black Queer Joy and Rage
What would it mean if tenderness could hold a simultaneous existence of joy and rage? How to call on tenderness as a practice of love, rather than a regurgitation of white supremacy? Author and writer Annika Hansteen-Izora explores answers in Tenderness: A Black Queer Meditation on Softness and Rage. A meditation, critical inquiry, and invitation to expand our imaginations on meanings of tenderness, this piece calls into question conceptions of tenderness that are rooted in desirability, anti-Blackness and white supremacy, and instead unfolds the potentials of tenderness as a tool, a balm, a healing agent, and a question to lean into.
Size: 5" x 7.5"
spiral bound
Edition of 750

Self published by Co—Conspirator Press with the support of Feminist Center for Creative Work.
Copy Edited by Aliyah Blackmore.
Designed and Illustrated by MJ Balvanera. Risograph printed by Neko Natalia.