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unication is Struc

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Embrace the information age.

You just received 3 news pieces of information.

2 text and a blog post title.

Doesn’t matter, information is information.

This is the information age.

We’ve never known so much.

Don’t discriminate information.

We’ve never read this much.

Those people vacationed in the Maldives this week.

New information.

Technology changes the structure of our brains.

Funny meme.

We communicate through our technological advancements.

My grandma is hilarious on Facebook.

Wonder how much longer she’ll live.

Information is information.

Drop information here and there.

Speed of information dissemination is addictive.

Information dissemination is the world.

Never had access to this much.

Snack break. Don’t forget your phone.

Designers organize information. Embrace design as a force of social responsibility. Designers get to be an active part of society and then comment on all of that information. Design is a social communication tool. Maximum efficiency of information dissemination and reception. Maximize information dissemination. Designers deal with information. Is order the only structure? Graphic design is a tool, not a person. Designers should provide responsible information.

Anxiety Break.

Anxiety Break.

Anxiety Break.

Anxiety Break.